LMF - Alpaca Developer 50#

LMF - Alpaca Developer 50#

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  • Meets energy demands of growing cria and lactating females
  • High levels of primary minerals, trace minerals and vitamins
  • High quality protein source
  • Elevated levels of selenium and Vitamin E supporting health and immunity
  • Formulated to Balance Northwest Forage
  • In LMF Alpaca formulas it is paramount to provide all needed primary minerals, trace minerals, protein and vitamins.

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Product Overview

LMF Alpaca Developer is a fortified formulation to meet the unique needs of cria as well as lactating females, and late gestation (months 9 & 10).

LMF Alpaca Developer provides fortification along with added protein and caloric density for growing, late gestation and lactating alpacas. It is recognized, however, that the quality of Northwest forage often provides sufficient protein and calories without adding calories from grain.

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