LMF - Equine Taco Mix 50#

LMF - Equine Taco Mix 50#

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Part Number:LMF08
  • A Complete Feed (Forage/Grain/Supplement)
  • Contains Grass, Alfalfa, Corn and Oats (Weed Free)
  • Added Vitamins /Minerals Water Resistant Bag Bio-Available Trace Minerals
  • Two Pellet Sizes Available Large
  • Small

Product Overview

LMF TACO Complete is available in small or large pellet feed that is a combination of timothy hay, alfalfa hay, corn and oats fortified with balanced levels of vitamins and minerals. TACO Complete can be fed to any type of horse, and with its “weed-seed-free” status, makes an excellent feed to be used in national forests. This product is only available in our Northwest distribution region.

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